Author: blackbearreview

greatest treasure

Greatest Treasure

An old radio,
trickles out classic oldies.
The soulful sound
of the historical rock
describes the grizzled man
sitting closely to the ancient stereo
A cigarette,
balanced precariously
in the large dirty ashtray
inducing a bright blue trail of toxic smoke
wafting into the air,
releasing the strong but homely stench.
The unmistakeable smell of coffee looms faintly
like a small beacon of bliss.

A Glosa For Leonard Cohen

My time is running out

and still

I have not sung

the true song, the great song

~Leonard Cohen

The full moon rises
light casting shadows
on cedar and stone
The reflections of past lives
blurred in leaf strewn puddles
Children splashing, their innocence devout
I lift my head towards the sky
eyes closed, a silent prayer to the beauty
It may be ageless, but there is no doubt
My time is running out

By Sarah James