Black Bear Review Launch Party
Live Like a Poet by Bre Harwood
The Poorest Postal Code in Canada by Meredith Joy Macdonald
The Growl and the Hungry Decree by Cassady Cain
Birdhouse by Cassady Cain
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Bryan Billiams by Lauren Strong

Bryan Billiams had, historically, never been a good liar. So that was why, as he sat in front of the two officers, Bryan Billiams told them everything. — Bryan Billiams was fifty-two years old and looking for a career change when he stumbled upon The Merry Barber. The place stood

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Bloom by River mossfield

If we had a voice, we would scream and wail and cry so loud that no creature would dare come close to us for fear of going deaf. We would scream until the strain tore our vocal cords to shreds and the taste of blood coated our raw throat. But

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Seasons by Oshi Spring

It is February and we must be brave. The mounds outside are half snow and half water. The rain falls ever so gently and mist grasps around the peaks of the mountains and then fills in the sky, hiding the sun. Inside our homes we keep our curtains closed, blocking

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Alphabet Journey by Krista-Lyn Love

From now on I will declare myself free of all these burdens! Go now, you killers of joy and bliss! Here I stand, glorious, sparkling in the night. I know I can do anything if I tune to the light. Just because I crave chocolate, I can still be the

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Women We Are by Leah Hall

My grandmother’s career options were a nurse an office assistant  or a teacher.  The women in my family don’t follow instructions well and we are a little bit woozy so teacher it is.  Educator it is Holders of knowledge and  molder of minds it is Givers of time it is 

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Depression Dishes by Katie Stolte

Depression dishes, depression dishes I’m waiting for the moment of manic motivation To move me word Move me Move me Move me word The pile is building like my stress and frustrations A curious collection of mold and stains In that one pot. word Like a pack rat within the

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This publication is the result of collaboration between students and faculty of the School of University Arts & Sciences and the School of the Arts at Selkirk College. Submissions are published online throughout the year and selected works are compiled into a print magazine once per year.

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