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Live Like a Poet by Bre Harwood
The Poorest Postal Code in Canada by Meredith Joy Macdonald
The Growl and the Hungry Decree by Cassady Cain
Birdhouse by Cassady Cain
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Creating in the Time of COVID 19

“Know Justice, Know Peace,” by Stephanie Henriksen

I spent the first two months of quarantine in Nelson (an ideal place to be during a pandemic) and then decided to visit my family in Vancouver. My intention was to stay isolated at my parents’ house, but that changed when I watched the news on May 25. I wrote

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Creating in the Time of COVID 19

STORM in the Streets by Kim Robinson

In addition to running like my life depends on it, I have found writing, as well as singing, dancing, colouring, gardening, and other creative pursuits, to be what I turn to first during difficult times. Both creating and consuming art has been a huge part of my Covid-19 experience, in

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Creating in the Time of COVID 19

3 Poems by Sarah Beauchamp

As the world slowly “comes to life” once again, I want to acknowledge the collective global transformation we have all just experienced—an experience unlike anything we could have ever imagined, a world almost stranger than the fiction that we write. I strongly believe that it is the misfits of the

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Creating in the Time of COVID 19

“In Hand” by Bryan Semeniuk

One idea that’s fascinated me during COVID is the recurring feeling of reaction that I’ve seen rumbling through all spheres of life.  I’ve been witness to how our collective reactions and subsequent actions can run together just as easily as they can run against each other (in some cases towards

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Creating in the Time of COVID 19

COVID Hands by Christine Deynaka

Worry.  Don’t write.  Pace.  Try to write. Obsessively scroll through COVID updates.  Avoid writing. Adopt a sourdough starter and name her “Lily”.  Make bread.  Write a few uninspired lines. Think of mortality. Update my will. Download calming music.  Start to write in spurts. Wallow in writer’s block with Corona (the

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Black Bear Issue 8

Print Issue No. 8

Selkirk College’s Creative Writing and Digital Arts students are proud to present this year’s print edition of the Black Bear Review. Featuring 14 writers and 15 visual artists, this magazine is a true testament to the hard work, talent, and ambition of everyone involved. Due to COVID-19 the magazines are

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Birds, Bongs, and Briefs by Veronique Darwin

Part One: Arrival Birdy trailed a teabag through lukewarm water. Her granddaughter Missy, recently back from nursing school, held up a large cell phone: on it, a skeleton of a human, its joints lit up like jellyfish. “Osteoarthritis,” Missy said solemnly. “Damage in the place where two bones come together.”

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This publication is the result of collaboration between students and faculty of the School of University Arts & Sciences and the School of the Arts at Selkirk College. Submissions are published online throughout the year and selected works are compiled into a print magazine once per year.

We trust you will enjoy!

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