Issue Nine, Visual Art

Colors of Kaslo by Alice Nguyen

Artwork by Alice Nguyen

Fujifilm Xt100, 15-45mm Lens.

About the Artist

“My background is in banking and finance, however, I am currently an International Student in the Hospitality Management department, at Selkirk College. Moreover, I love creative writing. I left my home country, Vietnam, 3 years ago because I had too many questions in my head. I kept wondering: where I belong? Who am I? What do I really love? Who do I want to become? With a thousand questions in my backpack, the “24 year old kid” that I was moved to Nelson, Canada to find answers.
At that time, I did not know a single person in Canada, so I started working on my creative writing {and photography]. I ‘d write in my journal at first and then the poems came. At the beginning, I just wanted to write down my feelings, and my stories, because I was very shy to share my thoughts in a second language. But then, I started loving the creative process and poems became a part of my life. I am still an amateur at writing poems; but I want to deliver my messages/my thoughts [in words and pictures] to people who are struggling with what they want to become in the future, just like me.”