Farewell from your Managing Editor

By Carina Costom

The Black Bear Review is a community project to behold. I landed in its midst for this sixth print edition and, well, there is a lot to love. Part School of Rock, part work experience, and part summer camp, Black Bear Review is fierce, bold, and best of all, a warm den for writers and artists of all ilks to incubate. It’s a literary magazine, a website, a blog, a podcast, and a virtual work-study hub.

Here I take the opportunity to thank our award winning Faculty: Leesa Dean, Almeda Glenn Miller and Renee Harper of the Creative Writing Program, as well as Marion Lowe from Digital Arts and New Media for their guidance and support and also the amazing student Editorial Collectives in poetry, fiction, non-fiction and copy editing (and our pals in digital arts) who made this multi-step publication process possible.

I send a special shout out to our contributors in this year’s print issue of the Black Bear Review: not a bad circle of over 25 creative socially distanced collaborators including the creative writers, artists and photographers who boldly submitted their work to Black Bear this academic year! Keep writing and submitting your work!


  • BBR’s call for submissions will open up in Fall 2021.
  • We have 267 community members following our Facebook thread.
  • Black Bear published the work of over 16 contributors in print and nearly thirty (30!) online.
  • Black Bear’s Podcast Collective produced 3 podcasts (the third is soon to be released) during the academic year available here: https://anchor.fm/black-bear-review.
  • Stay tuned for the www.blackbearreview.com student-led website revamp coming soon (Riley Iniss).
  • Black Bear produced three major zoom events: A Halloween Spooky Read, a Valentine’s Day Fundraiser for Black Bear and our annual Stone’s Throw writer’s symposium – a collaboration with Eastern Washington University.

So, if you are interested in putting your paw prints on the Black Bear Review Managing Editor role, and learning the ropes from stellar faculty advisors like Leesa and are a Selkirk College student, do monitor the Work Study opportunities on the Selkirk college website here: https://selkirk.ca/cees/students/work-study

It’s all been a slice of life I will not forget. And I send much Love and appreciation to each and all of you. May you enjoy a great summer!!!! PS: See you at the zoom party:)


About the Author

Carina Costom grew up in Montreal and has a degree from McGill University. She has participated in BBR’s non fiction editorial committee, its podcast called “This Black Bear Has 28 Minutes”, been published in The Black Bear Review’s print edition and the Nelson Star and has enjoyed being the 2020-2021 Managing Editor at BBR. Her chapbook “Sound Dance” can be found lurking in local bookstores. She is working on her first collection of short stories. http://www.carinacostom.com

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