Exist by Noah ferraro

we all need a reason
a quantification of joy and suffering
a futile effort to veil our desolation
perpetuated by our virulent fear of all unknown

circumvent the unknown
exist in the future
become like that of the future
nothing but mere

a concept died today
there was no mourning
upon its death it ultimately displayed vitality
as life in abundance
flourished from decomposition

I was born today
saturated with sentiments exceeding love
not love for myself or any other
it was if I was falling in love
with life itself

I didn’t dare ask myself the cause
I just observed life
life untarnished by rumination
I didn’t dare focus on the inner mechanisms
I just let the orchestra play in unison
resonating through my heart

in the fleeting moments
as I took in every detail
there was no better feeling
than to be alive

and I wish you all the very worst
to experience the beauty
in dragging yourself out
of the darkest pits we all compose

About the Author

Noah Ferraro is from Castlegar, BC. He is currently working towards his Associates of Arts degree at Selkirk College. He plans to get his Bachelors of Arts with a double major in history and philosophy.

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