Flow by Katie stolte

Flow like a river spirit my dear child

contort and shake, transcend your physical form 

all that matters is the energy you bring

Return to the purity of childhood innocence 

with a deep understanding 

of all beings that have come before

Interpret the omens with a swift foot and open heart

 for the creatures above and below will 

receive much pleasure from the spell you cast as you spin

Wade slowly into waters unknown

 even when darkness arises feel the water of life 

within you move with each lesson

There is no need for words 

in this space 

for the language of movement is the most universal 

The river dance you do shakes the world upside down

 for that is your divine purpose

—flow like a river spirit my dear child

About the Author

Katie Rose Stolte is a second-year creative writing student. She loves all types of writing but with a particular love for poetry, songwriting, anything horror/thriller, and short fiction.

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