Grief Bloom

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By Ali Christie

grief lays dormant, a dead perennial
awakens in a moment of soil turning soft with warmth
spreads fresh green shoots up inside
until you are warm with the great heaving in your chest
an uncomfortable heat and then

the shock of death, a vacuum
sucking air from heaving lungs
rips away all you understood to be true
leaves a still thing in you
place no one touches,
silent scar

you bled no blood,
yet bear thick layers of tissue sclerosed
a blade would not cut clean through you
you are alive and breathing like a dewy spring blossom,
bright colour a shock
to the quiet world of white that came before

and you, through the still shock,
the bloodless scar and unclean,
you breathe alive
and bloom

About the Author

Ali is a queer femme trauma survivor & fifth generation white settler of Welsh, Scottish and Irish descent. An emerging writer & spoken word poet, Ali delights in all things word play related, using creative writing as a platform for expressing hard-to-tell truths.

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