Her By Kit Sage

the simple way we fit together

interlocking with the shy

mocking femme fatale –

You’re butter on a

poppyseed bagel

or coasters on the coffee table

my very own sea raven.

you’re gin and tonic on a

parching summer’s day

a perfectly aged cabernet

a prepossessing paramour.

heavens sent celestial animation

saved me by resuscitation 

you’re peanut butter and jelly

cut into fingers

the frost kissed trees in

all the winters.

About the Author

Kit is an introvert who’s creativity is expressed through multiple mediums. Their writing often deals with the tension between what is (real) and what is not, with some of their poetry examining the uncertainty that comes with simply being alive. For a long time, they’ve struggled with accepting themselves for who they are, and it’s their dream to create a space in the world where everyone is free to be themselves – even if it’s just while reading a poem.

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