O Night Sky

Oh Night Sky
By Marte Stuart
Artwork by Ryan Cavicchi

Under a darkening sky
troubles lift as matter lights.
I stand stripped, overwhelmed
with insignificance

Which strangely holds
a dangerous power:
careless frivolity tending
toward self-destruction.

But if nothing matters, then surely,
in a substantive universe, everything must.
And curiously, under that same sky,
nihilistic thoughts reverse.

And, what responsibility
if each action matters;
the infinitesimal yielding
the biggest bang.

So, it is to this infinity,
I’ll play my shining best,
watchful of each step
amid the all and the nothing.

About the Author

Marte Stuart has published poetry in the New Orphic Review, International Doula and Holistic Parenting. She assists with the Elephant Mountain Literary Festival, a multi-day celebration of Kootenay and Canadian writers held annually in Nelson. She lives in Blewett.

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