Ode to O

Written by Jeffe Ivany. (Click the image to read Ode to O!)
By Jeffe Ivany

Oh – O,

my favorite face,

your fat form rolling right into ‘My Fucking God’

Whether propped up by H,

or leading the Irish clans by the apostrophe,

Oh how I love thee O.

Be my literary donut,

sweeter than all the other vowels

glazed in consonants

rolling off my tongue…

Oh-O, Oh O, Ohhhhhh, Oh, OH, O!


About the Author

Jeffe Ivany is a prolific writer of emails and the occasional technical document. He is also taking a stab at writing words without getting paid for them. A father of six and returning student at Selkirk College, he makes his home in Nelson, B.C.

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