Veni, Vidi, Vici by Liam Borhaven

Vanity is veal to voracity,
Valiance invites violence.

Vehement cheers for victors of war,
Visualized as virtuous models.
Very little did virtuosos voice for
Vilified foreign men, trapped in a bottle.

Vast disfiguring of varied peoples,
Valued only for velvet and land.
Values of theirs “vile” and illegal,
Vassals for veterans and viscounts they must stand.

Veni, vidi, vici a man once said.
Various voices reverberated then.
Vows to continue, empire until dead
Visuvius will again burst before it ends.

About the Author

Liam Borhaven is a full-time student at Selkirk College’s UAS program in Castlegar. Liam is currently in his second year of studying History, English and Creative Writing at Selkirk and is hoping to continue studying these, as well as finding work that will balance these interests in the future. He is especially interested in writing fiction, visual arts (painting, digital illustration) and traveling.

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