Podcasts and Prose

Books can never replace the experience of listening to a story being told. When removed from the page and shared out loud, stories take on a life of their own, changing with each new story-teller.  In the busyness of life, finding time to sit and read can be a challenge. Podcasts and radio dramas allow listeners to consume, and be inspired by, stories while stuck in traffic, mowing the lawn, or washing the dishes. Below is a list of podcasts and radio dramas that bring stories to life and captivate the imagination.

Myths and Legends: Written and hosted by Jason Weiser, Myths and Legends is a weekly podcast that dives into the world of folklore and fairytale.  From tales of King Auther to Koschei the Deathless, Myths and Legends retells the beloved and obscure stories of both eastern and western cultures.

Lore: In his podcast Lore, published author Aaron Mahnke takes listeners into the “darker side of history” by examining strange phenomena and urban legends. Through Mahnke’s captivating story-telling, this bi-weekly podcast proves that “sometimes, the truth is more frightening than fiction”.

The Bright Sessions: Created by Lauren Shippen, The Bright Sessions is a science fiction audio drama about “atypicals” (those with special abilities such as time travel and mind reading).  Rather than glorifying these powers, The Bright Sessions explores the psychological and moral ramifications of having atypical abilities.

Fictional: Another podcast brought to listeners by Jason Weiser, Fictional takes the same adaptive storytelling found in Myths and Legends and applies it to classic literature. Listeners are introduced to stories such as Bram Stoker’s Dracula or Shakespeare’s Macbeth, as they are retold in Jason’s unique style.

Welcome To Nightvale: Written by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, this radio drama takes place in the fictional town of Nightvale. The oddities and phenomena of Nightvale are introduced to listeners as if they are tuning in to the town’s radio station hosted by character Cecil Palmer.

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