2 Poems, by Leo Hepler

By Leo Hepler

The pandemic has been a time of rejuvenation and discovery for me. It healed known cuts and let me notice new ones. I’m so thankful for these moments of clarity and self-realization, even if they only exist against a backdrop of tragedy.

The galvanizing force of global racial justice protests has inspired me to reflect on my own privilege. I have profited from my white privilege in both subtle and overt ways, and am committing to educating myself to help dismantle the structures of inequality that are present within me and my communities.

I want to send my thoughts to anyone who is struggling physically, mentally, or emotionally through this pandemic, and I hope these poems can provide some little solace.

About the Author

Leo Hepler was born in Alberta and attended Canada’s National Ballet School in Toronto. He is currently a professional ballet dancer in Amsterdam, where he enjoys reading, writing, and biking.

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