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Interview with Raphael Akiba

Hi, Black Bears! You are in for a treat today. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Nelson Artist Raphael Akiba, which I know you …


Farewell from your Managing Editor

The Black Bear Review is a community project to behold. I landed in its midst for this sixth print edition and, well, there is a …


Small Courage: A Queer Memoir of Finding Love and Conceiving Family by Jane Byers – Reviewed by Stephanie Henriksen

Published by Caitin Press, 2020 Small Courage: A Queer Memoir of Finding Love and Conceiving Family is a story that explores the author’s multi-faceted identity: …


Into Hibernation

In this final Writer’s Den post, the Black Bear Review team would like to thank all of those who have submitted their writing, all of our readers, and all who have worked behind the scenes to make this issue a huge success. It’s been amazing to witness the creativity and talent throughout the Kootenays…Click to read more!


Facing the Dread of Editing

Finishing a piece of writing makes every writer’s day.  Finally, all the hard work and effort has paid off and there’s something to show for the hours spent typing away at the keyboard or scribbling into a notebook…Click to Read More


Does this Count as a Journal?

Journaling sounds like an activity free of the self-criticism and doubts that seem to flood other aspects of writing. Perhaps this is the case, but I’ve still found myself struggling with the question of what makes a proper writing journal…Click to read more.

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