August by Cassidy LaFond

Where I am from
it’s a late August morning
fresh eggs and Canadian bacon
it’s my brother’s old flannel
cowboy boots
and work clothes
it’s the tender sun on a dusty truck dashboard
with sleep still in our eyes
it’s John Denver on the radio

Where I am from
it’s a late August afternoon
driver seat pushed all the way forward
pink boots barely touching the pedals
it’s cranking the wheel right
an easy left
a slow break
it’s empty cheesy packages scavaged by hungry workers
red Gatorade rolling in the floorboards
and one half eaten Coffee Crisp

Where I am from
it’s a late August Night
it’s back porch stargazing
chipped purple fingernails tracing constellations
I am born with winter in my blood so
I am raised in the fleeting summers
leaves becoming gold but promising to return the next year

Where I am from
It’s becoming september
The tomorrow’s we thought to never come are distant memories
I am forgetting the fruits of july
And maybe
One day
August will come back to me

About the Author

Cassidy LaFond is from the mountains of Rossland BC. While attending Selkirk, Cassidy has hopes to finish her Associate of Arts degree in order to get her Bachelors of Arts majoring in English. When she is not at school, you can find her curled up on a couch, chair or even a park bench reading a new book.

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