Making Gardens Out of Graves by Brook Jessup

in the wake of your leaving the sun continues to rise
playfully peering out between peaks
promising the return of soft spring wind.
it warms my bones
bathes my skin in sticky sweet gold
chases away the winter shadows
the chill you left behind.

in the wake of your leaving
my heart beats again
unfrozen after months
of tumultuous snow.
it nourishes my roots
brings colour to my skin
paints me ruby red.

in the wake of your leaving
flowers grow from the bruises you left,
every place you touched me is born anew.
every damn place.
you are a distant murmur,
like thunder on the horizon.
in the wake of your leaving
I learn to sprout.

About the Author

Brook Jessup is a first-year student currently pursuing a Psychology degree at Selkirk College. She has lived her whole life in Salmo, BC. Born with a knack for writing and wildly opinionated, Brook develops a lot of her pieces around real-world issues and inequalities. In her free time, she is often with her dog, her horse, or writing in her bed.

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