Porcelain by Taylor Vu

To be beautiful.



Never anything less.

Appearance is value

and value is existence.

Silence and smiles

never quite reach the eyes

that shine so polished it exposes the

eyes of the beholder

who holds something so precious

so fragile

it must be hidden from reckless grasps.

To sit and look pretty

no smudges or chips allowed.

Makeup always on point

with smooth, porcelain skin

hair shiny and maintained

framing the face effortlessly.

Eyelashes so long and curled

they brush the eyelid’s surface.

No cracks in appearance must display.

A scratch on the face?

A decline in value.

Keep up that polite smile and stare

out at the world

close but distanced.

Silence is a virtue

as compliance is a lifestyle.

If I crack, will I break?

Too lightweight

and I’ll shatter if I fall.

My emotions are in glassy confinement.

I am forever sitting atop this shelf

trapped by the claws of expectation.

About the Author

Taylor Vu is from Rock Creek, BC, currently living in Castlegar to attend Selkirk College as a first-year student. She strives to finish her Associate of Arts degree before moving onto a Bachelor of Arts. Much of her writing incorporates personal experiences or beliefs since that is where she draws her inspiration to write. Any time she can spare, Taylor will cozy down in her bed to read.

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