Same Skeleton by Phoebe Hannah

Two hundred and six bones...
(Poem and Illustrations by Phoebe Hannah)


Two hundred and six bones
that one owns1
hear my moans
for every soul that seeks solid ground can land their twenty six dancing
can feel her footsteps prancing
my no apology passion
for my skeletal recital ranting

This is my system
This is my voice of reason
This is the subject that holds my focus
when the world’s so riddled with consequences
from my stomach, up to my throat and out of my mouth
red lights, red bikes, cars crashing, saliva kissing, social pleasing, public peeing, food touching, high heels, disasters unfolding uncontrollably
These fragile bones are wrapped in a skin so sensitive
and a mind that is

Breathe in and breathe out
Round the corner, three steps, round the corner
My feet

Two hundred and six bones
scared of unknowns
thoughts in cyclones
The gravity pushes down on us equally, in our need for connection
longing for closeness in relation
It’s just I’m different
It takes patience and willingness for translation to help me find salvation

Expand out and contract in
Find the rhythm
Every thread of fabric moves against my skin
as I shift the wind from outside to within

Hands flapping, body rocking, clock watching, routine seeking, social pleasing, worlds spinning
footprints round in circles
Heart racing like a humming bird
Uh…seems so absurd

Oh how high heels mistreat
the fifty two bones in both feet
Three sets of three steps to complete
Moving forward takes courage and technique
Find your own way, embrace your mystique
Cherish your feet for they walk you through a life so unique

Two hundred and six bones assigned
in every one of us, a mind
A mind designed for growth and combined
with others, family and friends we become entwined
in comfort and community defined
for the endless possibilities of
the humankind.



Phoebe is a writer in the dark, silent scribbles into her journals as she dives into reflections. She has a curiosity to understand people’s interior landscapes who experience the world in different ways, through working with people with diverse abilities she has become an advocate for broadening our perspectives and relationships through attunement, compassion, humour, and mindfulness.

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