The Long Years by Tressa Ford

Person walking - Black and White

Wear a mask

The air is poison

Choke on the ashes of Californian dreams

on the ghosts of Okanagan homes

As sick yellow skies melt into stifling nights

we wake from sweating nightmares

with Lytton on our lips

Wear a mask

Your breath is poison

Cross the street away from your neighbours

to show you love them

Choke down the wail in your throat

as hospitals crowd and care homes empty

Wear a mask

The air is tear gas

As bodies and riot gear clash

in Louisville, Minneapolis, Atlanta,

Minsk, Paris, and the Lekki Tollgate

As breath is stolen by knees on necks 

and bullets in backs

Wear a mask but hold your breath

They can only do so much

About the Author

Tressa Ford is a queer writer and an eternal student. They were born and raised in the Kootenays, but have had many different homes. Their love of writing is born out of a deep and abiding respect for the power of stories.

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