The subsequent events of witnessing by shanna wilson


Be free – means not escaping but gathering events until the mind is a place of ruined masterpieces, leading to artwork meadow where paintings lay melting into the wet earth

Withstanding, the lack of portals away from confusion. Standing, while the outline of a body houses vision moving

I saw a dead body under a bridge, and the image flashes across subsequent events. I forget the details, but remember the stillness – calm as if peaceful, lost as if hopeless

Be free – means not to hold fast to one image but be flexible,

Through the jungle, bound by physical form, bound by desire, mental liberation takes effortful action

There was a crowd of police and flashing lights, lighting up the train tracks. You said we could go around to the road to see, but I said I was either going to turn back or walk straight forward into the scene – my eyes were locked on the dark figure laying with his arms laid in front of him, head down, I’ve seen people sleeping like that

– Saturated like the colour of leaves. The way humans suffer could evoke despair or compassion. 

way out – I think he ended himself

Fellows on the ship,

We are stranded in an endless ocean 

Let us try and get along and make the most of the opportunity we have of learning through touching in a dark room

Freedom – I grasp the sand and let it pour through my fingers. I let go of the fixed concept of the self.

I see the world moving on like a TV screen that’s in the shape of him. All humans battle inside, living is heroic. Everyone walking has made it this far and that’s heroic

Freedom – to come to peace with inevitable destruction. The world is made of growth with destruction

About the Author

Shanna Wilson loves to write, imagine, explore, and think. For her, there is not a lot of difference between those things. Shanna likes exploring through writing because there are no physical or practical bounds, you can do anything in writing, except perhaps puts words to unwordable things. Shanna enjoys to go for walks, especially in nature, since it is a good time to think about life. Through writing, thinking, and imagining, she like to explore what life is. It is a fascinating place, there are many paths to wander.

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