Thinking of You by Cassidy LaFond

I am sitting by the ocean
And I’m thinking of you
of inky wishing stones and straw hats
Floating on the surface
Consumed by viscous memories slipping my mind

I am watching the loons
They call for you still
Baying in the smoky ports
Each methodical note rippling away forever in hopes to reach you

I am in my room
A hope chest of silks and linen cloths
A bundyful treasure chest of lost moments
A white musk haze hanging in the leather seams
It is you in the mariniere button up shirts
In the sweet smell of forgotten times

I am in the water
Like a fish with no business being in the mouth of a shark
A scramble
A plea
An everlasting agonizing pain
is only a single drop of salty water
Lost in the vastness of the sea

I am drowning
But while sinking into the sand
I will be carried back to the shore
As a drowsy child at a dinner party
Still hearing the sweetened murmur commotion just beyond the walls
And I will sit by the ocean
And I will think of you

About the Author

Cassidy LaFond is from the mountains of Rossland BC. While attending Selkirk, Cassidy has hopes to finish her Associate of Arts degree in order to get her Bachelors of Arts majoring in English. When she is not at school, you can find her curled up on a couch, chair or even a park bench reading a new book.

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