Community Poem

For the final Writer’s Den post until January, we wanted to share with you a community poem created during a reading last month. Readers and attendees each wrote down one line from a novel, song, or movie and at the end of the night, these lines were arranged to create the following poem. How many lines do you recognize?

The Beating of this Hideous Heart

If ever there was a time to disappear,

this is it.

Delicate wonder bursts with snowberries,

cities go missing like teeth,

another one bites the dust.


Help! I need somebody:

is it bravery or necessity?

It is the beating of this hideous heart.


The beauty and the beautiful

merged at one point.

Some people just want to watch

The world burn.

Remember, it’s better to burn out

than fade away.


You have to decide what to do with the

time that is given to you.

Look inside yourself. You are more

than what you have become.

Buy the ticket.

Take the ride.


For my next trick,

I will be emotionally stable.

I’m ready… I’m ready!

I’m ready… I’m ready!

Light my way.

Was held in chains, but now I’m free.

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