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Farewell from your Managing Editor

The Black Bear Review is a community project to behold. I landed in its midst for this sixth print edition and, well, there is a lot to love. Part School of Rock, part work experience, and part summer camp, Black Bear Review is fierce, bold, and best of all, a warm den for writers and artists of all ilks to incubate. It’s a literary magazine, a website, a blog, a podcast, and a virtual work-study hub. Here I take the opportunity to thank our award winning Faculty: Leesa Dean, Almeda Glenn Miller and Renee Harper of the Creative Writing Program, as well as Marion Lowe from Digital Arts and New Media for their guidance and support and also the amazing student Editorial Collectives in poetry, fiction, non-fiction and copy editing (and our pals in digital arts) who made this multi-step publication process possible. I send a special shout out to our contributors in this year’s print issue of the Black Bear Review: not a bad circle of over 25 creative socially distanced collaborators including the …

Laurie Carr Cover illustration

Issue #4 – Ripe for the Pickin’

Folks, if you didn’t get a chance to pick up the most recent Black Bear Review issue at the launch, you can come buy one at the Kootenay Authors table the market in Nelson on Wednesday, July 11th and then every second Wednesday for the summer. Copies are also available at Otter Books and the Kootenay Gallery in Castlegar.

Kootenay Literary Comp Poster

The Kootenay Writers’ Society presents the Winners of the Kootenay Literary Competition 2018

In the fall of 2017 the call went out inviting writers from the West and East Kootenay areas to submit work on the theme ORIGINS: WHO ARE WE? WHERE DID WE COME FROM? Categories were: ·      Adult Poetry ·      Adult Fiction ·      Personal Non-fiction ·      Newcomers Category (new to Canada) ·      Indigenous Writers Category ·      Youth – any genre (grade 9 – 12) We received 34 submissions from all over the Kootenay area; some from as far away as Invermere, Kimberley and Grand Forks. The judges were looking for originality, creativity, as well as just plain good writing. Winners were announced in February 2018. Winners received cash prizes and publication in this winners’ anthology as well as publication in an online anthology, Black Bear Review out of Selkirk College. Our judges were hard pressed, in some categories, to choose among the interesting and creative perspectives on the theme. The Newcomers Category was judged on merit of ideas and conceptualization rather than mastery of language because these entries are expected to be from people for whom …

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Winter Paws: Vol. 2, Issue 1.

While the West Kootenay’s black bears spent the fall harvesting salmon, insects and your neighbour’s garbage, the writers and editors for the Black Bear Review have been hard at work gathering literary and artistic sustenance to get you through the winter. This issue will lead you through cardboard doors to a forest of burning paper dolls, it’ll dump you in the river, gasping for breath, and it’ll serenade you with the golden sounds of a dead man’s trumpet. Winter Paws: Vol. 2, Issue 1, is a veritable feast of varied delicacies that we hope you will savour from your respective dens.

Call for submissions - Water theme 2018

Call for Submissions!

Explore the theme of water through word or image and submit your work for publication in our 2018 print magazine!* Water is of major importance to all living things; in some organisms, up to 90% of their body weight comes from water. You may consider these and other questions: What does it mean to live in fluid bodies? How does water connect us? Has a body of water ever meant something to you? How does water’s changing states (rain, snow, ice, cloud, etc.) reflect your own lived experience? Do you swim, ski, skate, paddle, or otherwise navigate watery landscapes? Submission Deadline: January 26, 2018 To Submit: EMAIL submissions to see full submission guideline here.

Nelson Star piece

Sure you can write, but can you publish? It’s one thing to sit in a classroom, to participate in workshops and learn how to critique your classmates’ work. But it’s quite another to learn how to copy edit, how to format text properly and prepare it for posting online. And that’s the opportunity Selkirk College aims to give students through the newly birthed Black Bear Review, an initiative spearheaded by Almeda Glenn Miller, Renée Jackson-Harper and Leesa Dean. The online magazine aims to release its first issue by December this year. “We’re hoping this will generate some excitement around the Creative Writing program while giving the students some experience with the editorial process,” said Miller. “The editorial board will be student-driven, but overseen by us.” And though they’re starting small, they’ve got big plans. “We’re going to start out being only open to student work, but we hope to expand to being open to other Kootenay writers and eventually we’d like to take this Canada-wide.” Miller envisions the journal ultimately growing into a cultural force …

Black Bear Review

What’s in a name?

One of the best parts about starting a literary magazine is figuring out what to call it. What’s in a name? For some, it’s a label, an identity, a compass of sorts. For others, it’s arbitrary, or an expectation to subvert. For us, it was a way to think about the kind of literary work we wanted to see on these pages. We chose the Black Bear Review because we want the writers in this issue to entice you, show you their claws, leave their mark. We thought a lot about bears as we put together this issue, especially Kootenay bears. They’re beautiful and we love them. But they’re also a nuisance. They drag trash all over our lawns and eat our compost. They’re persistent, ubiquitous, they make the local news again and again. They block highways, swim in rivers, frolic at our favourite beaches, add excitement to our picnics. Even if we sometimes think they’re predictable, they’re anything but. Neither are these writers. The poems, essays and stories in this issue will take you …