Dragons and Castles by Ben Demoskoff

When Ben draws, he doesn’t have a conscious intent, just like when he is enjoying the great outdoors. “But the feeling that Fantasy Perspective [His one panel comic series] gives, is a simple way to come to a conclusion or an answer about anything” he says.  “It’s like saying to heck with it all.  It’s a way to see any kind of life as an adventure, good and bad.”  Says Ben:” it gives me hope when I’m down as I wake up to dragons and castles (work and rent). All artists/creatives have their unique way of moving through the world. Moment to moment some generate their own symbols for things.

“No Brains” [how he signs his one panel comic series] can be a nice thing to say to someone in Russian, says Ben.  Depending on your [the reader’s] perspective, it may or may not help the comic make more sense, but absurdity is part of Life isn’t it? Ben thinks of the movie [Roger Rabbit] when he imagines fantasy.  Ben is not afraid of making things up as he goes, and continues to choose a positive attitude with his fave drawing pen/sword in hand.

About the Artist

Hello I’m Ben Demoskoff and I’m a student of Creative Writing and Psychology, I like the outdoors and walking. Its fun being imaginative and writing through a winter pandemic. Lately writing for me is best said out loud.

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