3 Poems by Sarah Beauchamp

By Sarah Beauchamp

As the world slowly “comes to life” once again, I want to acknowledge the collective global transformation we have all just experienced—an experience unlike anything we could have ever imagined, a world almost stranger than the fiction that we write.

I strongly believe that it is the misfits of the world, the artists, the poets, the writers, and the sensitive souls who have this unique ability to capture and reflect the state of the world through art and through language.

At the micro level, this experience gave me time to pause and reflect. I was able to pay closer attention to the world around me. In this time, I was able to appreciate the beauty that exists in the little things, however, I was also given an opportunity to open my eyes to some of the ugliness too.

I chose to use this time to document both.

These three poems were written in response to the numerous injustices that occur daily against BIPOC and in defence of the folks on the frontlines who are using their voices for the lives of Black Indigenous People of Colour.

In Solidarity.  

About the Author

Sarah Beauchamp resides in the magical little community of Nelson, British Columbia amongst other artist and dreamers. Sarah and her musical husband prefer to live as though time and space are merely a suggestion, exploring the strange parts of their minds and imaginations allowing room for unusual and beautiful things to grow.

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