STORM in the Streets by Kim Robinson

By Kim Robinson

In addition to running like my life depends on it, I have found writing, as well as singing, dancing, colouring, gardening, and other creative pursuits, to be what I turn to first during difficult times. Both creating and consuming art has been a huge part of my Covid-19 experience, in part because I suddenly have so much more time for it. But probably more importantly because art, specifically writing, helps me process the myriad of confusing, new and scary realities of our world, and consuming it makes me feel less alone. During this pandemic I have found myself sea sawing between deep apathy and hyper productivity. This poem was inspired by a massive weather event a few weeks ago, the killing of George Floyd and the protests in the United States, and of course the pandemic. 

About the Author

Kim Robinson is an entrepreneur activist and adventurer originally from Vancouver, BC. She has spent the last 2 semesters at Selkirk College, reimagining her future. She lives in the mountains of the Kootenays with two brilliant children and one vicious cat.

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