Seasons by Oshi Spring

It is February and we must be brave. The mounds outside are half snow and half water. The rain falls ever so gently and mist grasps around the peaks of the mountains and then fills in the sky, hiding the sun. Inside our homes we keep our curtains closed, blocking out the dreadful weather lest it get in.  

It is March and we must be brave. It rains more often now, and the clouds that fill the sky feel like they found a back door inside your soul. You tried to hide but going outside is mandatory for survival. You were dead and walking as soon as you saw the drab state of things the first time. Now you are just kidding yourself, nothing will change, the weather outside will always be cold and damp. February may have turned into March but March will never end…  

And here I am, sitting in the rain that fills my room. Days pass and I feel the exact same in every way. It surprises me that I still can pretend to breathe. And yet one second of one hour of this endless day of this endless month I notice something through the crack in my blinds. I grab what is left of my motivation and hide under my covers. A loud banging comes to my door, I can’t help but shiver in fear. I stay there a w hile but curiosity gets the best of me. I go to the door and open it just a crack. It was just what I feared! My villain on the other side. I try to close the door but it bursts open before I can lock it shut.  

Spring saunters into my musty room and grabs me by the heels. Spring has come, it is time to clear the fog from my mind. Who invited her in, anyway? I was enjoying my sad existence, found some comfort in my tears, and I found friends in these glowing screens. But now I must face the days and bask happily in the sun. Oh how it sickens me now despite the happiness it will bring me in months to come.  

It is spring, and I will be brave. 

About the Author

Hi, my name is Oshi. I am a student currently going to Selkirk doing an associative arts degree. I got into writing because I loved making worlds out of thin air and because of my friend who is totally inspiring and writing a novel. I like writing poetry and I’m glad happy that this poem in particular was good enough to get into a form of the Blackbear because I have a soft spot for it.

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