Alphabet Journey by Krista-Lyn Love

From now on I will declare myself free of all these burdens!

Go now, you killers of joy and bliss!

Here I stand, glorious, sparkling in the night.

I know I can do anything if I tune to the light.

Just because I crave chocolate, I can still be the captain of my ship!

Keep one foot in front of the other; step by step.

Look, it is happening!

Move over limitations, I am doing it!

Now, what is this? An


Please don’t test me so soon!

Questioning my past decisions that brought me to this place.

Remember, release, return, re-something!

Surrender to the process, because it is…shit!

Thank you, body, for being on this journey with me.

Until this moment it has been easy but now it is

Vacillating between fuck this and yay!

What was I thinking, making so many declarations?

X, fuck x.

Y, that’s right, why?

Zero, that is what I am a zero.

A place of peace shattered so quickly.

Because I left the house and I ran into life, or life ran into me.

Could this be how it is?

Declaration, forward movement, trip, fall, repeat?

Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera

About the Author

Krista Love is a creative writing student at Selkirk College. She lives with her husband and kids in Nelson, BC. She is passionate about learning and creating.

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