Bear in the Kitchen

Written by Marte Stuart. (Click image to read poem.)
By Marte Stuart

A bear’s in the kitchen,
thrashing about,
pulling apart what she can.

Framed photos broken
among the unpaid bills.
The home-made curtains
ripped down revealing
a talk-of-the-town mess.

Teapot’s toppled
the wedding glasses.
Embroidered linens
shredded beneath
the upturned baby’s chair,
fridge magnets scattered.

Shards of glass mixing
with raspberry jam
smashed too, licked about,
smeared. A cut foot and tongue
bleeding bright over dull surfaces.

Clawing around enclosed
in these four bloody walls
flailing, she too, frantic
for a way out.

About the Author

Marte Stuart assists with Nelson’s Elephant Mountain Literary Festival, an annual celebration of writers. She’s yet to have a bear in the kitchen, but bolts her door just in case.

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