Dark by Oshi Spring


The night is dark

So dark you could catch the darkness in a bowl

or catch water in a bowl at the bottom of an ocean

The machine roars, a lonely rumble

It cuts through the dark

Disturbing the peace

Here I am, controlling this metal beast

My headlights barely cut through the night

This night is more than I can take

I wish for unsavory eyes

At least someone would be watching me

At least someone could hear, if I screamed

But the only eyes are mine and the moon

The moon a watchful eye over nighttime creatures

However the moon remains closed tonight

invisibly hovering in the sky

The dark engulfs me

 I am the absence of light

About the Author

Hi, my name is Oshi. I am a student currently going to Selkirk doing an associative arts degree. I got into writing because I loved making worlds out of thin air and because of my friend who is totally inspiring and writing a novel. I like writing poetry and I’m glad happy that this poem in particular was good enough to get into a form of the Blackbear because I have a soft spot for it.

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