Depression Dishes by Katie Stolte

Depression dishes, depression dishes

I’m waiting for the moment of manic motivation

To move me


Move me

Move me

Move me


The pile is building like my stress and frustrations

A curious collection of mold and stains

In that one pot.


Like a pack rat within the dysfunctional comfort of its midden

I lie in wait



An awful smell wafts from the kitchen

An aroma concocted carefully with my unintentional alchemy

Even the silverfish have left my side.


Rigor mortis has set in

If you want to see me you’ll have to dig

through the mosaic of dishes my house has become.


God take this as my salvation

I repent for all my sins

Just not another dish.

About the Author

Katie Rose Stolte is a second-year creative writing student. She loves all types of writing but with a particular love for poetry, songwriting, anything horror/thriller, and short fiction.

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