Ghost by Katie Stolte

It started innocently enough. 

Everyone stopped calling, 

My cubicle was filled with a stranger’s things, 

And someone new was tucked in my bed.

I didn’t understand.

So I melted into the background.

I watched as the love of my life moved on, 

My mother and father wilted and died.

I humoured it. 

I tried to go through the 7 steps 

but I couldn’t get past anger and bargaining.

So I remained,

 like the wallpaper of a foreclosed home,

Peeling, slowly,

Waiting for the bulldozers to rip me down.

About the Author

Katie Stolte is a first year creative writing student, who enjoys spending her free time writing, dancing and drawing. She is currently enrolled in the UAS program at Selkirk and is nose deep in Philosophy and Psychology classes.

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