The Language of Pain by Katie Stolte

Pain is a funny language / and when you’re in it it is all you speak / and when you’re not / you forget it was once your native tongue / it’s a language no one wants to be fluent in / but many are / it makes your orbit small / and some feel it in in their hearts / others in their guts / even some as an ache in their brain / it is somehow tangible yet abstract / often indescribable / and different to each person / the way we feel it is personal / sometimes it’s tucked deeply away / behind a heavy door / or a deep pride / and yet it is a language we’re all acquainted with / yet for some / it’s their first language.

About the Author

Katie Stolte is a first year creative writing student, who enjoys spending her free time writing, dancing and drawing. She is currently enrolled in the UAS program at Selkirk and is nose deep in Philosophy and Psychology classes.

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