Glittering by Kit Sage

the snow is refracting the sun’s rays 

with an indistinct yellow aura – 

shades of blues and greens surround me 

as i walk through these woods 


happy little trees dance in the breeze 

and i long to feel as free as these

tiny specs floating through the air 

as the weight of the snow gets too heavy for the trees 


and they just let go. 


with each step i flee farther from 

the terror of attachment 

the heartache of feeling 

and the deplorable design of letting anyone other than sorrow hold my heart.


yet, i always take pause at the beauty in gaia’s colours – 

the dark and light somehow finding a way to be extraordinary 


and, i am left, 

wandering through this glistening forest, 

wondering if i will ever be as simple as the snow

covered trees 

About the Author

Kit is an introvert who’s creativity is expressed through multiple mediums. Their writing often deals with the tension between what is (real) and what is not, with some of their poetry examining the uncertainty that comes with simply being alive. For a long time, they’ve struggled with accepting themselves for who they are, and it’s their dream to create a space in the world where everyone is free to be themselves – even if it’s just while reading a poem.

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