i promise i won’t tell by kit sage

this secret, 

tucked in the vault of my mind 

hidden in the holes in my heart 

buried behind my buttoned beak


i promise – this will be my little secret

before the water boils and bubbles over the pot – 

i promise 

i won’t tell

i call you because 

i crave your caresses 

i sit with you, because 

i have an ulterior motive

of your lips pressed on mine. 


i promise, i will try to stop thinking about you every waking

second i’m alive 

but the very idea that you live and breathe enough to send me

off the deep end.



i’ll try not to love you, 

i promise.

About the Author

Kit is an introvert who’s creativity is expressed through multiple mediums. Their writing often deals with the tension between what is (real) and what is not, with some of their poetry examining the uncertainty that comes with simply being alive. For a long time, they’ve struggled with accepting themselves for who they are, and it’s their dream to create a space in the world where everyone is free to be themselves – even if it’s just while reading a poem.

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