October Caterpillar by Liam Borhaven

Along the cool sidewalk it crawls 

across frigid pavement 

wandering around in this late fall 

an October caterpillar 

with no expectations 

born too late 

an early expiration 


Yet it goes on as if at the dawn of life 

not worrying of the dire future 

it simply lives on 

eats, loves, crawls 

its bliss is not ignorance

perhaps it is wiser than us all

About the Author

Liam Borhaven is from Crawford Bay, BC and is studying history and English literature at the Selkirk College Castlegar campus and thinking of taking an English teaching program from the school after he graduates with a UAS certificate. He has been interested in studying literature as well as writing it from a young age and has recently started to take a creative writing course from Selkirk College which has helped him on his journey to develop his writing skills.

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