That’s a Sure Sign of Fall by Jennifer Hammersmark

In their flannel pyjamas

The couple stands roadside

The school bus pulls up

Their small child steps inside


A sure sign of fall

The new beginning of a season

Where children go to school

To grow and learn how to reason

On the rural flats of Salmo


Outside of town

Winter preparation must be done

Before the snow comes down

The mornings are colder now


The grass so wet with dew

Soon there will be a white blanket

Enveloping the landscape anew

The slumber that winter brings


Will be a welcomed change

No more rushing about

To complete the chores on our range


The school bus returns

Ambling down our country road

Stopping and opening its doors

We watch the children unload

About the Author

Dr. Jen is the Owner of The Counselling Group in White Rock, B.C. and presently resides in Salmo, B.C. Her mission is to touch and heal as many as possible. She does this through her therapy practice, but also through her writing. Thanks for embracing this form.

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