The Voice by Samuel Maffioli

As I sit on my chair at the desk near the door
The curtains drawn completely
I hear a voice below the night
It’s speaking to me.

Nature’s greatest song is crickets’
Haunting, taunting cry
The bass of a neon highway
A songbird in the sky.

Coyotes or frat boys howl at the moon
Incredibly out of tune
Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7
Plays in another room.

The night, it sings and speaks to me
A song that knows no bounds
This wondrous world is music
With so many different sounds.

About the Author

Samuel Maffioli is from Grand Forks BC, and as of this year moved to Castlegar as a first-year student at Selkirk College. He is currently enrolled in a creative writing class, and as of this semester has a newfound passion for writing poetry.

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