Very Few Things are Truly Free by KP Kaszubowski

girl with a bird cage

when you’re waiting for your check

to go through – come on over to my house

I have a prayer – I am working with a stutter

come over, take an echo bath: 

share with me

come over – make it undone

make it lush – make it future

make my body a harp you

triple through – each string a joke

you quiver – your tongue a notary

over my little dreams – your tongue

the far-off calling – the sensation of

your fingers mocking me

do most people forget 

it gets to be easy – what can you do

when you do not have a dollar

would you listen if I slowed down

would you forget we’re hungry

would you lozenge my body

would you bliss at me well after midnight

would you drum against my divinity

what can we do when we can’t

afford the firewood

About the Author

KP Kaszubowski (she/her/hers) is a poet, playwright, and filmmaker based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Spokane, Washington where she is an MFA candidate at the Eastern Washington University creative writing program. Recent publications and projects include the poetry collection “somnieeee” (Vegetarian Alcoholic Press, 2019), “Ringolevio” (Feature Film, 2020), and collaborative chapbook DUET DUET III (pitymilk press, 2018).

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