Interview with Raphael Akiba

By Jennifer Hammersmark (Dr. Jen)
Artwork by Raphael Akiba

Hi, Black Bears! You are in for a treat today. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Nelson Artist Raphael Akiba, which I know you will enjoy listening to. Raphael is raw and honest, with a great story.

I first met Raphael this summer at Shambhala in Salmo, B.C. where I purchased a piece of his art. I have it on the wall in my office, and I love it! It is entitled “Pandora’s Eden”. I then ran across Raphael again a second time this summer at the Unicorn Cup at Rosebud Lake, B.C.  At this festival I was able to connect with him further, which piqued my interest for an interview.

Enjoy the interview!

-Dr. Jen, co-host of the podcast This Black Bear Has 28 Minutes

About the Author

Dr. Jen is the Owner of The Counselling Group in White Rock, B.C. and presently resides in Salmo, B.C. Her mission is to touch and heal as many as possible. She does this through her therapy practice, but also through her writing. Thanks for embracing this form.

About the Artist

Raphael Akiba is a Canadian visual artist originally from Montreal who now lives in Nelson. Finding inspiration in nature, Akiba creates large scale, living, breathing doodles with little to no initial plan. From floral to coral, he’ll paint it as long as its colourful, pretty and squiggles alittlelot. He believes in putting just the right amount of intention into his paintings in order to let the magic of imagination become his reality. Working with geometry and a variety of animal imagery, he learns about their medicine, introducing their teachings into his life. His preferred medium is to use gouache acrylic paint markets and genie dust on wood panels.

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