Year: 2018

Community Poem

For the final Writer’s Den post until January, we wanted to share with you a community poem created during a reading last month. Readers and attendees each wrote down one line from a novel, song, or movie and at the end of the night, these lines were arranged to create the following poem. How many lines do you recognize? 

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Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg is on the table. You pack it. The books go in boxes. Clothes in duffels. Two boxes. Two duffels. A dog. A cat. Totality of belongings. You put it all into the ‘86 Ford and say goodbye to the place you moved to, to become a writer…
(Written by Beth Oldham)

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Taking a Break

Walking through the aisle of any bookstore, you’re bound to eventually stumble upon a few books claiming to teach the secrets of becoming the next world famous author…

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Learning to Write

Selkirk College’s creative writing department is a huge supporter and contributor to the Black Bear Review. Over the past two years, our editorial committee has had the privilege of reading and publishing the work of many Selkirk College students…

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The Practice of Submitting

What separates published authors from writer hobbyists is the ability to open themselves up to potential rejection. A writer must share their work whether or not they believe it is “good enough”. This is the practice of submitting…

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Inside the Writer’s Toolbox

Many people have thought about writing the next great Canadian novel. They may even wake up at 2:00 am with a fabulous idea, reach for a pen and write it down on a nearby piece of paper. The ability to turn these ideas into literature comes with the knowledge of the elements and principles of writing. These fundamental aspects of writing act as the tools in a writer’s toolbox…

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Podcasts and Prose

Books can never replace the experience of listening to a story being told. When removed from the page and shared out loud, stories take on a life of their own, changing with each new story-teller.  In the busyness of life, finding time to sit and read can be a challenge. Podcasts and radio dramas allow

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What are the Genres of Creative Writing?

The Black Bear Review boasts about accepting work in all four literary genres, but what does that mean? In simplest terms, genres are used to organize, categorize, and classify literature. The four primary genres of creative writing are fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, and drama. Fiction: The fiction genre includes all works conceived primarily out of the

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Meet Our Editors

If the Selkirk Saints only had one player on the ice they wouldn’t be very successful. Here at the Black Bear Review, we like to think of ourselves as Selkirk’s Literary Saints. A team dedicated to a common goal, the publishing of a professional community literary magazine. Much like the Saints, each of our editorial

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Laurie Carr Cover illustration

Earning Back My Stripes

For a long time, I rejected my culture and everything that connected me to it. This might have been my way of repressing painful memories of what it was like to grow up in a hurting country or just what society had taught me, that assimilation and survival of the fittest are analogous…

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