Year: 2019

The Value of Experiences

What is the value of experience for a writer? Experiences add credibility, versatility, and authenticity. Would you rather read a cookbook written by Mr. Rogers or Gordon Ramsey?…

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Character Creation

For many, characters are what make a story. The plot and adventure play second to captivating character arcs and the ever-deepening struggle between protagonist and antagonist…

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Music for Writing

Music can be a source of inspiration for all genres of writing. A lyric may spark an idea for a personal essay, a poem can be constructed from a melody, and a drama can be based off a symphony piece…

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My Secret Weapon

I put on my green fatigues and lace up my army boots to take my post. I am on the graveyard shift in the command post tent; I take up my earned leadership position. As I check the time, I read to myself 0200 hours…
Written by Kurt Luchia

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The Writer’s Playground

All stories begin with a first draft. This is where ideas, no matter how mundane or outlandish get put to the page. It’s where an author can begin exploring their story without the need for perfection, proper grammar, or direction. The first draft is usually not seen by anyone other than the author leaving it free from external criticism…

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