Year: 2019


A young woman stood over a freshly painted yellow crib, carefully adjusting some stuffed toys…Click to read more.

(Written by Rhianna Rimmer)

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The Blood Red Sunset

Somewhere in our hopeful hearts we believe the hero should get the girl, bravery should win, and the hardest worker should get rich. Then, we read a tragic little tale like Cormac McCarthy’s ‘All the Pretty Horses’…Click to Read more.

(Written by Ella Soleil Parcels)

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My cat was the baddest cat on the block. She was not afraid to use her nine lives…Click to read more. (Written by Riley Polovnikoff).

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The Way Man

Going into this interview with Tom, I knew I would learn a lot, but I never could have predicted how enlightening and entertaining my time with Tom would really be…Click to read more. (An interview by Sam Smith)

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Fighting the Tides

I drive in silence. My fingers itch to press the car stereo on, craving something to pay attention to and occupy my time…Click to read more (Written by Sarah Wensink)

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Into Hibernation

In this final Writer’s Den post, the Black Bear Review team would like to thank all of those who have submitted their writing, all of our readers, and all who have worked behind the scenes to make this issue a huge success. It’s been amazing to witness the creativity and talent throughout the Kootenays…Click to read more!

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Facing the Dread of Editing

Finishing a piece of writing makes every writer’s day.  Finally, all the hard work and effort has paid off and there’s something to show for the hours spent typing away at the keyboard or scribbling into a notebook…Click to Read More

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In the Land of Dick & Honey

When I became fatherless at twelve years old due to Daddy’s intoxicated joyride that led to his wrapped around a telephone pole death, my fate became clear. I would grow up as Honey Paterson, absentee of father-daughter dances, punchline of prostitute and stripper jokes, and likely future gold-digger with an unshakeable daddy complex…Click to read more. (Written by Danielle LaRocque)

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The Weight of a Woman

I was born in 1963, snuggled between the voluptuousness of Marilyn Monroe and the androgyny of Twiggy…Click to read more. Written by Christine Deynaka

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