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My Name Is Romero by David A. Romero

It happensEveryNightSingleTelemarketing JulietsCalling from their ivy-covered balconiesCalling for their star-crossed loversCalling,“Hello”“Is Mr. Romeo in?”I’m sorryRomeo went to go grab a burritoMercutio to cruise Whittier BoulevardAnd Shakespeare to take some ethnic studies classesIn other words…Romeo isn’t in!My name is Romero!I am not ItalianSpanish bloodCoursing through these veinsThough my parents are not from SpainAnd despite the Southern Californian accentThat allows words like“Dude”“Sweet”And “sick”To tumble gracefully from these lipsI’m not a white guy!I’m a Mexican!My name is Romero!Romero like Archbishop Oscar RomeroZombie filmmaker George A. RomeroActorCesar RomeroYes!BeforeJack NicholsonBeforeHeath LedgerA brown manPlayed the JokerThey dressed him up in green wigPurple suitAnd white faceThough he would not shaveHis trademark suaveAnd sexyLatin mustacheNo!He was a Romero!I am a Romero!My parents had dark skinAnd dark eyesWhen I was sevenMy brother liedTold me my fatherWas the mailman“How could you be the son of our parentsWith your blue eyesAnd white skin?”Well, brotherLike Jerry Springer or MauryThe DNA results are in!I am a Romero!And I know what some of you are thinkingThat I’m just another white guyTrying to prove he’s a LatinoOr just another MexicanChest-beatingBeating …

Sunday Morning by Lilli J. Matern

Outside my window the wind is murmuring. The diaphanous curtain floats in the breeze. The curtain is ethereal in its movements Accompanied by the dulcet tones of a violin The sweet fragrance of pancakes drifts through the air I burrow deeper into my bed, not yet ready to start the day     About The Author Lilli J. Matern is a writer and occasional poet. Lilli lives in Canada with her family and their senile pet parrot. She spends much of her time either writing or reading. When not writing or reading, Lilli likes to knit and drink tea.