Author: Kootenay Submissions

Man Stands in Rain

“I wish this rain would end.” He said it aloud. The rain accelerated the invasion of night. It came by pulse, thumping like a great and terrible heartbeat…

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How to Read Poetry

I don’t consider myself to be poetically minded or smart enough for poetry. I wish I could entrance an audience with beautiful imagery and captivating metaphors, but the truth is I’m not very good at reading poetry…

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The Value of Experiences

What is the value of experience for a writer? Experiences add credibility, versatility, and authenticity. Would you rather read a cookbook written by Mr. Rogers or Gordon Ramsey?…

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Character Creation

For many, characters are what make a story. The plot and adventure play second to captivating character arcs and the ever-deepening struggle between protagonist and antagonist…

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