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Music for Writing

Music can be a source of inspiration for all genres of writing. A lyric may spark an idea for a personal essay, a poem can be constructed from a melody, and a drama can be based off a symphony piece…

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My Secret Weapon

I put on my green fatigues and lace up my army boots to take my post. I am on the graveyard shift in the command post tent; I take up my earned leadership position. As I check the time, I read to myself 0200 hours…
Written by Kurt Luchia

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The Writer’s Playground

All stories begin with a first draft. This is where ideas, no matter how mundane or outlandish get put to the page. It’s where an author can begin exploring their story without the need for perfection, proper grammar, or direction. The first draft is usually not seen by anyone other than the author leaving it free from external criticism…

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Community Poem

For the final Writer’s Den post until January, we wanted to share with you a community poem created during a reading last month. Readers and attendees each wrote down one line from a novel, song, or movie and at the end of the night, these lines were arranged to create the following poem. How many lines do you recognize? 

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Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg is on the table. You pack it. The books go in boxes. Clothes in duffels. Two boxes. Two duffels. A dog. A cat. Totality of belongings. You put it all into the ‘86 Ford and say goodbye to the place you moved to, to become a writer…
(Written by Beth Oldham)

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Taking a Break

Walking through the aisle of any bookstore, you’re bound to eventually stumble upon a few books claiming to teach the secrets of becoming the next world famous author…

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Learning to Write

Selkirk College’s creative writing department is a huge supporter and contributor to the Black Bear Review. Over the past two years, our editorial committee has had the privilege of reading and publishing the work of many Selkirk College students…

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The Practice of Submitting

What separates published authors from writer hobbyists is the ability to open themselves up to potential rejection. A writer must share their work whether or not they believe it is “good enough”. This is the practice of submitting…

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Inside the Writer’s Toolbox

Many people have thought about writing the next great Canadian novel. They may even wake up at 2:00 am with a fabulous idea, reach for a pen and write it down on a nearby piece of paper. The ability to turn these ideas into literature comes with the knowledge of the elements and principles of writing. These fundamental aspects of writing act as the tools in a writer’s toolbox…

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Podcasts and Prose

Books can never replace the experience of listening to a story being told. When removed from the page and shared out loud, stories take on a life of their own, changing with each new story-teller.  In the busyness of life, finding time to sit and read can be a challenge. Podcasts and radio dramas allow

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