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A Brief Defense by Tyler Isaacs-DeJong

Daddy taught me all that I should know long before I started losing teeth. So by tender age of five or six, I sincerely held in my belief, the “Tooth Fairy” in name, was quite benign: A friendly capitalist, market-wise.   So when I lost my molars, round age 9, well wasn’t I the model

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Undocumented Football by David A. Romero

When life throws everything at you Don’t drop the ball “Don’t drop the ball” “Blue 42 Set Hike!” A brown quarterback’s fingers Tighten around the white laces Of a football Roosevelt vs. Garfield They meet today Upon an annual battleground Where local legends Spell rivalry In defensive and offensive formations Upon this old field In

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3 Senryū by Lilli J. Matern

Senryū For The Artist Home is much better Don’t you agree? Much better To make art, instead Senryū For The Music Lover I do not care for The shouting in the streets Give me some Mozart Senryū For The Homebody I am a writer I am not an activist I’d rather stay home

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Sunday Morning by Lilli J. Matern

Outside my window the wind is murmuring. The diaphanous curtain floats in the breeze. The curtain is ethereal in its movements Accompanied by the dulcet tones of a violin The sweet fragrance of pancakes drifts through the air I burrow deeper into my bed, not yet ready to start the day     About The

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