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Loss by Eden Nightingale

Loss is the scent of an unwashed shirt.  A last chance to save the scent of STOP space Loss tastes of blood in the back of your throat raw from the screams because  STOP space Loss is time gone, mind numbed in a desperate attempt to forget  STOP space Loss is cracked lips from lack

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Don’t Throw your Muck in my backyard by Helen paterson

“Don’t throw your muck in my backyardMy backyard, my backyardDon’t throw your muck in my backyardMy backyard’s full!”(Folk song) Steel toed, standing at the tip,A steady stream of garbage slips,Out of mind, out of sight,Forgotten to our mothers plight. Sneaky humans disguise their toxins,Paint tins and consumer sins,Just tossed,Beside the ancient riverside, to reside,For generations,Leaching

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That’s a Sure Sign of Fall by Jennifer Hammersmark

In their flannel pyjamas The couple stands roadside The school bus pulls up Their small child steps inside a A sure sign of fall The new beginning of a season Where children go to school To grow and learn how to reason On the rural flats of Salmo break Outside of town Winter preparation must

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Grief by Jennifer Hammersmark

Grief is sticky green, like gum on the bottom of my shoe break Grief is pungent, the stench hanging in the air No escape from its tendrils forever grabbing relentlessly space Grief is a stale sour lemon with mould forming on the edges creeping into my mouth break Grief is warm and inviting until I

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In the wood just down canyon road by david Howerton

Finding a near quiet place  is mostly a case of luck,  and when you’ve found it  bring a book  to fill an afternoon.  Drunk finches will doze  away the long afternoon  and squirrels want their share too.  A wind picks up  making you hold each page  being read.  All before the rush home  from work

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The subsequent events of witnessing by shanna wilson

Be free – means not escaping but gathering events until the mind is a place of ruined masterpieces, leading to artwork meadow where paintings lay melting into the wet earth Withstanding, the lack of portals away from confusion. Standing, while the outline of a body houses vision moving I saw a dead body under a

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